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Framed in a REAL wood, Irish-made, glass-front, white frame, this gift features the poem in two versions, written from a small/young child OR as an older /adult child.

(a) From a younger/small child to Mum, the verse reads: 

 “Mam holds my hand, And shows me the way, So I can go out in the world, And make my own way. She teaches me the basics, Then allows me to learn; If I need a refresher, I know where to turn. She cheers me up, When I’m feeling glum; I can always count on Hugs from my mum. She teaches me well, So when it’s time to set me free; I’ll be the very best person She has raised me to be. 

(b) For older / adult children to Mum, the poem can be put in the past tense e.g. with the title "You held my hand..." as follows: 

"You held my hand, And showed me the way, So I could go out in the world, And make my own way. You taught me the basics, Then allowed me to learn; If I needed a refresher, I knew where to turn. You cheered me up, When I was feeling glum; I could always count on Hugs from you, Mum. You taught me well, So when it was time to set me free; I could be the very best person you had raised me to be.

To order, please include:

1. The tile you'd like at the top e.g. "You held my hand" or "Mam holds my hand"

2. Choose which verse you'd like e.g. For younger child / For older child

3. Any changes you'd like to the above verse

4. Wording for your personalised footnote